Congratulations to all the teams for a great hackathon!! 

Winner of WesHack2.0 :  WesPartyMap

Sam Giagtzoglou '16, Max Dietz '16, Jack Lashner '16

An interactive map of where all the parties are happening on campus on any given weekend.  Also won the judges vote for most Creative App! 

First Runner-up:  HalfBagel

Tyler Harden '17, Cumhur Korkut '17, Wei Wang '15, Arthur Burkart '14

Frustrated with the General Room Selection Interface?  HalfBagel is here to give you a better view of what rooms are available on campus as you decide where to live. Also won the judges vote for Best Design

Second Runner-up: WesHappening

Aaron Plave '15, Brian Gapinski '14, Justin Raymond '14

A live map that shows where all events on campus are happening