Who should attend the Tech Bootcamp on Saturday, September 7?

  • Curious learners who want to dabble in technology
  • Innovative students and alumni who have ideas for programs and organizations that will need an online presence
  • Career-driven students and alumni who want to increase their portfolio of skills and add to their resumes

Registration Details

  • August 28 - online registration opens for Wesleyan students
  • September 1 - online registration opens for alumni (space permitting)
  • The non-refundable registration fee of $15/person covers breakfast, lunch, refreshments, all workshops, and the technology showcase. Sorry, we cannot offer reduced fees for those who can only attend part of the day.
  • Free tickets are available to students who volunteer to staff the event. Contact the Patricelli Center  for more information.

Tentative Schedule

Subject to change; final schedules will be available the morning of the Bootcamp. All sessions will take place in Exley Science Center.

9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 
Registration, Hospitality, and Presenter Check-in
Stop here when you arrive for a final schedule and refreshments.
Room 137

10-10:50 a.m.
Breakfast and Keynotes “Tech Skills are for Everyone”
Two non-CS alumni will tell us about their tech startups, how they learned the ropes, and why tech skills are important regardless of your academic pursuits and your career goals.
Presenters: Nakia Booth ’96 and Peter Frank ’12
Tishler Lecture Hall (Room 150)

11-11:55 a.m.
Web Development
So you want to have a website, but how do you actually build it? This talk will cover the basics of configuring a domain name, writing HTML/CSS, and using content management platforms like Squarespace to create your online presence. There will be time for Q&A.
Presenter: Julian Applebaum '13
Room 058

12:05-1 p.m.
How Instagram Works
Using Instagram as a case study, this session will demonstrate step-by-step how apps and cloud computing create the user experiences that we encounter in our everyday lives. There will be time for Q&A.
Presenter: Evan Carmi '13 
Room 058 

1:15-2:30 p.m.
Lunch and Student Entrepreneur Panel
Moderated by Patricelli Center Director Makaela Kingsley ’98, this panel will showcase four student entrepreneurs, their startups, and the work they are doing to gel the entrepreneurship culture on Wesleyan’s campus.
Panelists: Kwaku Akoi ’14, Oladoyin Oladapo ’14, Yekaterina Sapozhnina ’16, and Ted Shabacoff ’15
Tishler Lecture Hall (Room 150)

2:35-3:20 p.m.
Introduction to Graphic Design
Learn the basics of design, what software you’ll need, industry trends, and DIY training you can do to hone your skills.
Presenter: J. Dontrese “Smack” Brown
Room 058

3:25-4:10 p.m.
Hardware and Gadgets
Finally! Someone who will tell you whether to get a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone...and what brand to buy. (Just kidding, but you will leave with a solid sense of what’s available and pros and cons of each type of technology.)
Presenter: Lionel Nyange ’12
Room 141 (may move to 058 if we need a larger room)

4:15-5 p.m.
Your body is a 2 trillion celled organic bio computer, and, like all computers, will behave according to the programmer’s design. Most of the time, your body runs automatically with no thought from you (which is a good thing). Unfortunately, most computer equipment is designed very badly for the human body. The purpose of this workshop is to get you acquainted with your body, and how to utilize your body in a proper ergonomic manner, so that you don't wind up with injuries, which are often difficult to remedy. If you have intermittent or occurring pains in your wrists, forearms, neck, or shoulders, then this workshop is for you. Learn how to identify possible issues, and what to do about them (hint: taking Advil isn't one of the answers).
Presenter: Stephen Windsor 
Room 139 (may move to 058 if we need a larger room)

5-6 p.m.
IMS and Hackathon Showcase
Staff and students from Wesleyan’s Instructional Media Services will demonstrate their personal and professional off-the-shelf and home-grown knock-your-socks-off technology. Examples may include Google Glass, IMS’s wireless carts, Wesleyan’s Roomtrol system, and much more. In addition, Hackathon teams will demo their projects-in-progress, and attendees will vote on their favorites so far. This session is open to the public.
Exley Lobby

6 p.m.

Casual Dinner
Bootcamp presenters and attendees are invited to walk over to the Marketplace at Usdan University Center to continue the learning and conversation over dinner. Pay your own way.


DOTA  or LOL tournament or LAN party
If you know what this means, you really need to be there.






(click a face to jump to the corresponding bio) 

Nakia Booth ’96, Digital Media Entrepreneur, MediaScheme
Nakia Booth is currently the co-founder of Media Scheme Inc., a digital media company located in New York City, which she started with her husband in 2013. Media Scheme offers photography, video, audio and other business development services to individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Before Media Scheme, Nakia worked as Business Development Manager at Beyond Oblivion, a digital music software startup backed by Newscorp, Allen & Co. and Intertrust Technologies with cross-functional responsibilities including business development, marketing, strategy and social media. Prior to Beyond Oblivion, Nakia served as Human Resources Manager for lifestyle brand, VIBE Media Group responsible for managing all human resources functions including, employee relations, payroll administration, recruitment & selection, salary & benefits administration. Nakia was also instrumental in developing and managing VIBE's college internship program which hosted over 80 students per year. Prior to VIBE Media Group, Nakia has worked at independent record labels, production companies and non-profits. She currently serves on the board of trustees for a charter school in Brooklyn, NY and is a member of the Wesleyan University Alumni of Color Council. Nakia lives in Harlem, NY with her husband and children.

Peter Kim Frank ’12, Founder and CEO of
Peter has been interested in entrepreneurship since middle school. He has built several businesses and sold hundreds of domain names. In January 2011, he sold the nation’s largest anonymous college confession board, a site that got him featured in Time magazine. He has interned at Demand Media as well as Capital Group, where he was a member of the TAP program.
He enjoys playing chess, improvising jazz on the piano, and cooking dinner for his roommates. When he’s not shouting over a game of FIFA or playing online risk, you can find him on the basketball court, going for a run, or trying to find a pick-up game of rugby. He lives in the East Village above a bar with close friends.  They have a patio that connects to their living room, which he thinks is pretty cool.
Peter graduated from Wesleyan with a BA in English.

Nóirín Plunkett
We're sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Noirin will not be able to get to campus for the bootcamp. We look forward to hosting her at Wesleyan in the future.
Nóirín Plunkett is a jack of all trades, and a master of several. By day, she works for Eucalyptus Systems, as a geek<->English translator, and general force multiplier. She's passionate about community, communication, and collaboration.
Her open source work epitomizes the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”: Nóirín cut her teeth on the httpd documentation project at Apache, but soon started running conferences and overseeing cross-Foundation projects. She's fluent in several European languages, as well as speaking a little bit of everything from Prolog to Python.
Nóirín was the first woman on the board of the Apache Software Foundation, and continues to sit on the board of the Open Cloud Initiative. She's also an advisor to The Ada Initiative, supporting women in open technology and culture.
When she’s not online, Nóirín often found on the dance floor or down at the pub, although she’s also a keen harpist & singer, and an excellent sous chef!

Julian Applebaum '13, Software Engineer at Squarespace, Inc. 
Julian, a co-founder of WesHack, is a Software Engineer at Squarespace with more than six years of experience in web development. His first independent project was a roster and statistics management portal for his high school track team that is still relied upon to this day. Since then, he has contributed to multiple open-source projects, pursued research in psychometrics and data science, and engineered core features of Squarespace's integrated e-commerce platform. At Wesleyan, he studied Computer Science, learned letterpress typography, ran varsity cross-country, and played bass in the Top 40 Cover Band. He graduated with Honors in May 2013 and currently lives in Brooklyn.

Kwaku Akoi ’14, General Manager at Instructional Media Services (IMS), Founder and CEO of RevioSync and Joomah 
A linguaphile from Accra, Ghana, Kwaku enjoys small talk in French, Ashanti Twi and German. Very early on in his elementary school years, Kwaku knew he always wanted to be an artist. Little did he know that the passion to put brush to canvas will very quickly transform into software design, with a keen interest in Flat UI, and a simplistic approach to User Experience. An avid tea drinker, Kwaku spends a great deal of time sampling teas from all over the world while watching Manchester United blaze to glory in the FA Cup finals. If he is not designing, or drinking tea, or cheering Manchester on to victory, Kwaku finds himself improvising jazz on piano, writing detective fiction or debating the significance of semiology in eighteenth century French literature. Kwaku hopes to add Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic to his repertoire of languages within the next five years.

Oladoyin Oladapo ’14 , Senior Class President
Oladoyin Oladapo is a senior Government and Sociology Double Major. In addition to being Senior Class President, President of the African Students Association, Head Resident of Senior Housing and South Side Program Housing, and Co-Chair of the Women of Color Collective, she is a budding entrepreneur. This year she founded two startups and already has a third one underway. With the help of the Patricelli Center and other organizations, she has been able to learn three programming languages, enabling her to kick off her projects. From children's stories and toys, to social platforms and applications, her experience this year alone has taught her the importance of technology in this fast paced world.

Yekaterina Sapozhnina ’16, Founder of the Wesleyan Entrepreneurship Society (WES2)
Katya just started her sophomore year at Wesleyan University, potentially majoring in Psychology, Economics, and Computer Science. Although she has always been an entrepreneur at heart, Katya labeled herself as such February 2013 when she founded Wesleyan Entrepreneurship Society (WES²). Since then, she has been advising various start-ups on campus and working on several of her own ventures. Katya is working closely with the Patricelli Center of Social Entrepreneurship. She has also attended many business workshops such as those by StartingBloc and DoSomething. Katya is passionate about disability rights, neuroscience and all art forms. Katya is working hard to raise awareness about Synesthesia. She cares a lot about raising self esteem in children and providing more opportunities for anyone struggling. She is very excited to be a part of the Wesleyan start-up culture.

Ted Shabecoff, CEO of Germinal Fund
Ted is a sophomore at Wesleyan University where he majors in the College of Social Studies, an interdisciplinary program combining economics, history, government, and social theory. A Connecticut native, Ted has grown up well aware of the state's educational and financial inequality.  In High School, Ted volunteered with Horizons, an enrichment program which extends educational opportunity to less privileged inner city youth.  In 2010, Ted moved to Rennes, France, where he spent a full academic year with a host family, gained valuable cross-cultural experience, and learned the ins and outs of the French language.  Prior to founding the Germinal Fund, Ted was a representative on the Wesleyan Student Assembly, serving on the Student Budget Committee.  Ted loves reading a good book, and can be often found swimming, biking or running.

J. Dontrese 'Smack' Brown, Creative Director, Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc 
J. Dontrese Brown is a motivational creative design professional who has brought passion, inspiration and dedication to each opportunity in his professional journey. He has led various teams from a creative and development perspective, building strong relationships and pushing processes and design to the maximum. His thirst for brand design, creative strategy and teamwork was the driving force that led him to his current position as Creative Director for Victorinox Swiss Army, North America.
Dontrese is a leader amongst leaders who is relentless in his pursuit to challenge those around him in order to stimulate growth and elevate performance. “D” always has a smile on his face and idea in his back pocket. He is a creative workhorse who is true to his craft with a focus on encouraging individuals to simply be great. His passion and drive have resulted in garnering the highest respect and praise from all who know him, personally and professionally. 
An active tri-athlete, Dontrese also enjoys relaxing with his family and friends, having a great scotch with a nice cigar and reading anything and everything that feed his hunger for motivation and improvement.

Evan Carmi ’13, Engineer at Brewster
Evan is an experienced software engineer and designer, currently working as an Engineer at Brewster. He has developed Django, Rails, Python and AWS applications among others. He spent two summers at The New York Times building their 2012 London Olympics site in Ruby on Rails, created software for an award-winning professor researching Nonviolent Civil Resistance, developed a website and API for a startup, and managed a team of programmers developing software in multimedia classrooms. At Wesleyan, Evan majored in Computer Science, studied three foreign languages, worked on a Vandercook letterpress, made a book, and took a course titled Acro-Yoga in the Age of Mechanicity. He was awarded the Michael Rice Prize for Excellence in Computer Science.

Steve Windsor, Senior Database Administrator, Information Technology Services, Wesleyan University
Steve graduated with a B.S in C.S. in 1984, and went to work for the defense industry in the signal processing field for a few years. Realizing he didn't want to be part of the defense industry, switched over (pardon the pun) to telecommunications, working for Sprint (building a network design database, and interface tool). He then worked for Northern Telecom 7 years, writing system software for turnkey products (LION, LDAP) sold to Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, and Bell West. It was during this time that he became heavily involved in the Oracle database side of things, including managing the flagship software at the time, Oracle parallel server (now called RAC).
Unfortunately, the long hours (60 to 90 hours per week), and sometimes brutal traveling schedule, took its toll, and he became severely injured with repetitive strain injury (RSI), so much so, that he turned down a job as a principal Oracle consultant. Instead, he opted to work at Wesleyan University, where he has been managing the Oracle databases for the last 15 years. However, he still struggles with RSI on a daily basis. His intent is to educate you, such that you pay attention to your body, and will not wind up with injuries that will not heal well.

Lionel Nyange ’12, Founder of WesPregame
From an early age Lionel was fascinated with gadgets and the way they work -both the idea and the engineering behind them. Any piece of technology he could get his hands on would eventually end up taken apart only so he could take a look inside. A native of Rwanda, Lionel grew up in various parts of the world, picked up five languages as well as a genuine appreciation for people and their cultural approach to life. While at Wesleyan he created WesPregame with the intent to use technology to tell the story of student athletes. When he is not running benchmarks on new computer hardware and staring at progress bars, Lionel enjoys playing guitar, chatting with friends over tea and contemplating the natural beauty of New London, where he currently lives.