Submissions will be judged by a team of recent Wesleyan Computer Science alumni working at some of the best tech companies in the industry. Apps will be judged on a scale of 1-11 in three categories:

  •  Creativity – Does the app do something new and unique? Does it solve a problem in a novel way?
  •  Technical Difficulty  – How hard was the app to implement? Did any tough technical problems need to be solved?
  • Polish – How smooth is the user experience? Is the interface visually pleasing?

Each app's net score is calculated as creativity  + technical difficulty  + polish, summed over all four judges. In addition, students on campus will be invited to vote on their favorite app for a separate Campus Favorite award. Judging and the community vote will both take place in the 48 hours following the end of coding (see  the schedule for exact times).


The Judges


Sam Defabbia-Kane '11

Sam brings expert background in full stack web development and graphic design. He graduated from Wesleyan with High Honors in Computer Science. Sam is currently working as an OCaml Programmer at Jane Street, a quantitative trading firm, in Hong Kong. His personal website is

ryan gee.jpeg

Ryan Gee '11

Ryan brings deep knowledge in full stack web development and game programming. He graduated from Wesleyan as a Computer Science major. Ryan is currently working as a Full Stack Software Engineer at Squarespace, a next-generation content management system, in NYC. His personal website is


Micah Wylde '12

Micah brings expertise in full stack web development and graphic design.  He graduated from Wesleyan with Honors in Computer Science. Micah is currently working as a Labs Engineer at Quantcast, an audience analytics and targeted advertising platform, in San Francisco. His personal website is


Carlo Francisco '11

Carlo is a software engineer interested in best practices and developing for the modern web. A Computer Science major at Wesleyan, he currently works as an engineer at Groupon, where he builds personalization features and has blown up over a hundred Keurig machines. He can be found on the web at, and on twitter at @jcfrancisco.